Protect Against the Virus.

Our Secret Formula
Immune Booster™ is our secret formula to protect against prevailing viruses. Immune Booster™ contains the top 2 Eastern and Western herbs known for its efficacy in boosting our immune systems.

The Best of West & East Medicine
Immune Booster™ combines your perennial fighter, Vitamin C together with the super antioxidant Green Tea Extract. Synthesized in an optimal ratio combination, they create a symbiotic effect in your body for that extra boost in protection and immunity. We have concocted this formula after years of research combining the best of herbs from traditional eastern world (green tea) and western compounds (vitamin C). And we are proud to give you the best Mother Nature has to offer to you.

Strong Values from Family-Owned Business
We are a family-owned business since 1984. Immune Booster™ is meticulously crafted in a USA lab under stringent controls. Our manufacturing abides to the United States Pharmacopeia reference standards. This product represents our heart, sweat and soul and we guarantee its quality, purity and potency.

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